Our Success Stories

What others say about us?

As part of our quality assurance procedures, we are constantly monitoring the opinions of trainees about the course. This is done formally through evaluation instruments and informally through various discussions. As a smaller provider, we are able to respond quickly to any comments or suggestions for improvements.

Comments from Primary Trainees 

Very supportive training programme.”

“I have really enjoyed the course and have already recommended it to prospective students.”

“Fantastic course and I would highly recommend.”

“I was exceptionally supported and challenged during my placement. My contribution was always valued and feedback provided was constructive and balanced. Thank you for your support and guidance.”

Comments from Secondary Trainees 

“BSC staff are amazingly supportive”.

“Generally very happy with the training provided and feel well prepared for NQT year. Mentors and Senior Mentors at both placements were/are excellent. Having Ex-trainees at the schools was useful as they could give advice and support, also signifies how good the schools are that they choose to continue working at Collegiate Schools”.

“The Collegiate and the SCITT programme were the best choice for teacher Training. I felt supported by the mentors and being in the classroom from the start of the year has been an invaluable experience which I believe has prepared me for the NQT year.”

“Outstanding training and support throughout the year. Prepared me well for the NQT year. Thank you.”

“I was made to feel a valued member of the team and received lots of encouragement, praise, and constructive criticism.”

“My mentor’s guidance, support, and examples of good practice allowed me to really enjoy my teaching and feel confident in my ability as a teacher.”

“Mentors are helpful and provide a wealth of experience”

Comments from External Examiners

Bromley Schools’ Collegiate contributes most successfully to the creation of effective new classroom teachers, who come from a variety of backgrounds.”

“We were impressed by the organisation of the course and dedication and professionalism of those who shape, organise, and administer it.

Comments from Quality Assurance Consultants

“The Collegiate is successful and well regarded nationally.”

“The GPS sessions are well-organised, relevant, and well-structured.”

“The course has retained its high quality through its good organisation and attention to detail. The course responds well and quickly to the ever increasing demands made of teacher trainers.”

“The Collegiate is exceptionally well organised and managed and is truly collegiate.”

Comments from Taster Day Delegates

“Very useful and well presented. The information will be helpful to me in making my decisions”.

“I got a deeper understanding regarding this issue and made me think about the wider role of a teacher, regardless of what subject you might want to teach.”

“The staff at Charles Darwin School were very approachable. They answered my questions and gave me their opinions, I saw a variety of science lessons for different ages and abilities over they two days. Excellent experience.”

“Well organised and facilitated. Excellent three days. Very informative and enjoyable”.

“Thank you for the opportunity to get an insight into a school. A busy two days, but all the staff at Darrick Wood made me feel very welcome and always happy to answer my questions.”

Feedback from OFSTED inspections

“Trainees have a good understanding of what will be demanded of them before starting the course.”

“The course is carefully structured to provide a range of opportunities to enable trainees to achieve the standards.”

“The two school placements provide all trainees with good opportunities to teach and assess pupils… across the full age range.”

“The mentors and supervising teachers with whom trainees work, are good practitioners … with teachers in the department providing advice and support.”